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About Us

VVR is a first-class hotel.

VVR Hotel, which has been serving you with first class quality, has over 20 years of experience. VVR Boutique Hotel, which started this journey 20 years ago with confidence in its experience and plans to continue for many years, aims your satisfaction above all else.

We have adopted many mission and vision values on this journey we set out with the name VVR Hotel and have provided you with quality services without departing from these values. Our missions include providing the same quality service to all our guests.

Harika bir tatilin tadını çıkarın
Harika bir tatilin tadını çıkarın

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Customer Reviews

Let’s listen to our guests.

I Loved Suite, The Best Resort I’ve Ever Visited

"I was very satisfied!"

We were greeted with a calm atmosphere, comfortable rooms and friendly service. The hotel's central location is a great advantage for getting around the city. The staff's attention and helpfulness made us feel at home. We were especially impressed by the delicious food and luxurious amenities offered by the hotel. Thank you for a wonderful stay!

Burcu Oduncu

İzmir / Türkiye

Excellent Service, All The Staff Were Very Friendly

“It was clean and calm”

“We had a great time at the hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms were clean and comfortable. The hotel is in a great location, close to many attractions. We enjoyed the delicious food and the beautiful view from our room. We will definitely be back!”

Karya Deniz

Ankara / Türkiye


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